emmerys (8786c8b2-494c-462d-a1d5-da999ce969b8.jpg) Non-residential premises design - restaurants, cafés, commercial and administrative spaces, hotel interiors, etc.


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Tailor-made kitchens - overall design, choosing materials and appliances, implementation

A tailor-made kitchen enables you to use the space in the most effective way. You can choose from a wide variety of materials and mechanisms. There are no limitations due to unit furniture that restricts various creative solutions.

Therefore your kitchen will always be unique, original and typical only for your interior.


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Dining rooms and dining corners

  • separate dining rooms, dining rooms connected with the kitchen, dining rooms connected with the living room, bars in the kitchen etc.
  • design solutions how to suitably connect the rooms 
  • advice on furniture, accessory, decorations
  • advice on suitable lighting



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Overall design of living rooms

  • design (space plan, furniture layout, composition of colours, style determination)
  • advice on furniture and solitaires 
  • tailor-made furniture according to your wishes and dispositions
  • design of home libraries, TV walls
  • ceiling and ambient lighting
  • window shading/window decoration
  • wall decorations
  • inteiror decoration and accessories


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Bedrooms from A to Z

  • layout, composition of colours, style determination
  • selection of furniture (bed, bedside tables, armchair, lounge/reading area etc.)
  • wall decorations
  • selection of suitable textiles (curtains, throws, cushions)
  • selection of suitable lighting
  • decorations, accessories (lamps, pictures, rugs)
  • specific solutions (dropped ceiling, decorative walls/dividing walls, hidden lighting etc.)


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Classic or unusual -tailor-made bathrooms

  • space plan, colour tones
  • selection of suitable floor, tiling, panelling, sanitary ware
  • selection of sinks, toilet bowls etc. 
  • advice on specific solutions that will make your bathroom unique
  • recent/modern trends advisory
  • selection of ceiling and ambient lighting
  • decoration and accessories


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Dressing rooms, wardrobes, storage

  • unlimited solutions for storage that is essential for the functionality of each interior
  • design and implementation of bedroom closets
  • design and implementation of hallway closets
  • design and implementation of wardrobes in bedrooms
  • design and implementation of specific and hidden storage


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Original children's rooms

  • design, space plan solution, colour tones
  • advice on furniture 
  • design of tailor-made furniture
  • advice on interesting elements and solutions for children's interiors
  • selection of lighting specially made for children's rooms
  • solution for window decoration
  • solution for storage
  • decoration and accessories


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Home offices and work corners

  • design of a suitable solution to incorporate the work zone into the interior in a way to create a comfortable space for work without impairing the conception of the room, e.g. the living room

  • design of separated workrooms
  • advice on and selection of furniture, lighting, accessories
  • solution for home libraries
  • solutions for relaxing and reading zones


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Entry halls, decoration of hallways and doorways

  • design of simple solutions to make this space more cosy and to connect it with the rest of the interior
  • advice on furniture 
  • advice on suitable accessory and decorations
  • selection of ceiling and ambient lighting
  • wall decorations