space plan
3D visualisation

The space plan is very important for the selection and purchase of interior elements.  
It determinates the size of the furniture, kitchen, sofa, bed etc.

- elaboration of the space plan solutions and the design of new dispositions in the interior
- furniture layout, zones layout
- determining the size of the furniture
- creating a 3D visualisation for better orientation/illustrative example how the new interior could look like

overall planning
colour tones

Elaboration of the overall design

- elaboration of the overall interior design/design of each room
- selection of colours
- this design defines the interior style
- recommends a concrete type of furniture, kitchen, solitaires, etc.
- defines the type of accessories, lighting, decorations materials


Selection of materials
- selection of furniture material - for tailor-made furniture
(kitchen, bed, table, chest of drawers, wardrobes, bookshelf, etc.)

selection of materials for flooring, tilling, specific elements
(tiles, stone, artificial stone, laminated boards, solid wood, veneer, cast floor, etc.)

- selection of materials for dividing walls, curtains, cushions, decorations, specific elements
(stainless steel, plasterboard, fabric, glass, plastic, etc.)


Drawing up the budget
Drawing up a costing of individual parts and the craftwork. The Overall budget ensures a good control over
the costs connected with creating a new interior


Recommendation of appropriate and trusted craftsmen
- joiner
- plumber
- tiler
- floor layer
- electrician
- bricklayer
- decorator
- seamstress, upholsterer


Coordination of construction works
If the client chooses the option of overall implementation, the cost of coordination and inspection of
individual construction works and adjustments is included

purchase of the furniture,

Advice on appropriate shops
Pre-selection of the furniture and accessories. Help with the final selection.
The possibility to use the designers discounts